Stellar Horizons

Delivery Gone Awry

The right place at the wrong time

After months of laying low to dispel the heat from a previous mission, Captain Xavier Nguyen and Art Delacor along with two new crew members fount themselves hanging out in Sunny's Watering Hole. Sunny's was a cramped underground bar with barely adequate ventilation nestled snugly on the "uninhabited" planet of Kepler 442b V, in the trading station known by smugglers and pirates as Neverwhere. As they pondered their next move, they noticed a nervous-looking man watching the doorway as if he expected hell itself to come walking in to see him. When three unusual figures entered the bar, it became apparent they were the ones he was waiting for.

Art surreptitiously dropped eves on the table as the trio homed in on their prey, and discovered that the nervous man had failed to deliver some dangerous cargo to its ultimate destination, and the three newcomers were representatives of his customer looking for an explanation. While the man seemed unwilling or unable to provide details, it was clear that he was scared of something and refused to move the cargo any further. Taking the opportunity presented, Art smoothly inserted himself into the conversation and made contact with the potential client. Arranging a meet-up for later the team extracted themselves from the scene in preparation.

After meeting privately with the three strangers, one human soldier, a young girl mature beyond her years and a Sim (humanoid robot with simulated intelligence), the team had a new job. What seemed a simple, if dangerous task turned out to be anything but mundane. After a significant amount of digging, Art discovered the identities of their guests. Sana Bedford was the only daughter of one General Forrest Bedford, self-proclaimed leader of the Confederacy of Independent Worlds (of which only one world was a member) and military dictator of Dezaerate II, one of the frontier planets. The Sim was Sana's companion and the soldier one of his most trusted officers.

Surprising though their passengers might be, even more startling was the nature of their cargo. Stories abounded of the cursed planet Telemachus III, home of the nightmarish Amoks. Few came close to the truth, however, and some evidence existed that the obelisk carefully entombed within the lead-lined crate in their cargo bay was the source of the twisted monsters who used to be men. It was clear that General Bedford intended to use the obelisk in some way to attack the Alliance. Now that they understood the nature of their mission, they had to decide if it was better to deliver the deadly cargo into Bedford's hands or risk his wrath by diverting their delivery.


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