Stellar Horizons

Prologue: The Galactic Civil War

Operation Broken Back

Adventure Setup

Four years ago, this war seemed like a good idea.  The Galactic Alliance was centralizing its power and increasingly coercing independent planets into joining.  Those independent planets that were strong enough, or stubborn enough, fought back.  The Independent Confederacy quickly recruited a vast army, their ranks swelled by independence-minded patriots, misfits from the Core Alliance Worlds, aliens and sentient androids who would be second-class citizens in the Alliance, and folks who just had a strong desire to be left alone.
It’s been a long four years.
The war is not going well for the Confederacy.  The Alliance has consolidated its hold on the core systems and has persuaded/conquered/coerced enough of the outlying planets that the Confederate forces are split up, no longer able to unite for a major offensive, all on the defensive now. A certain defeatism is beginning to spread through Confederate ranks.
But not everywhere! General Forrest Bedford rose from the enlisted ranks to general officer on the strength of his courage, cunning, and ferocity.  He hasn't given up hope. He is certain that a couple of strategic victories in the right places will expose Allied vulnerabilities while allowing a large enough Confederate force to reassemble in time to strike at those vulnerabilities. 
In order to accomplish this, General Bedford implements a daring gamble: an all-out assault on a critical but vulnerable link in the Alliance supply and communications chain for their fleet in the border regions. A successful strike will ease pressure on the Confederate Naval assets and give them space to regroup and reorder after recent losses. 
You are a commando strike force attached to a larger force assaulting the Alliance base. Your role is to sneak in behind enemy lines to disable or disrupt the enemy's defense coordination. To accomplish your mission, you’ll need a daring and quick-thinking commander, a hotshot pilot, an engineer with hacking and/or demolitions skills, a scout who can ghost past enemy sentries, and a heavy weapons expert who can provide enough covering fire to get you out alive if you’re discovered.


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