The Artifacts

A technological artifact was left behind on each of the planets used for experimentation by the Progenitors. This artifact acted as an anchor point for them. With it they could observe and tweak the various species they were manipulating. (Could they also use it to immediately translocate to the planet, if necessary?) Artifacts vary but are generally (just an idea – not definite) approximately one meter by one meter by two meters in size, weigh one metric ton (significantly heavier than they appear), have a smooth, organic, and symmetric shape, are a black so black as to absorb all light which touches it, and made of uniform material which is warm to the touch and obviously not native to any planet. The skin of the artifact is made of a very thin layer of compressed stardust, which makes it harder than any other substance in the galaxy (and significantly denser). Inside of this shell is an infinitely complex machine composed of both organic and inorganic components. The skin is unbroken by any physical interface and, in fact, the only way to interface with it is telepathically. It has an alien artificial intelligence, designed by the Progenitors for their own use, but also programmed to allow sufficiently advanced species to interface with it as a teaching tool. 

After the Progenitors disappeared, the artifacts continued performing their job. Without direct intervention, they were programmed to monitor and record species evolution. If a species developed the ability to communicate telepathically, the artifact would establish contact and begin teaching and testing it. The results of these tests would be stored for later retrieval and analysis by the Progenitors. This information would be used to determine success or failure of an experiment, and if termination (i.e. genocide) was necessary. Termination was generally considered if the species was too aggressive or evolved too rapidly, as arbitrarily determined by them.

Exactly what does/can the artifact do and/or be used for?
What are the AIs instructions?
How capable is it of making decisions?
Is it self-aware?
Does it have self-preservation programming?
Is it capable of self-defense?

Secret History (Earth’s Artifact): Earth’s artifact was discovered in Antarctica by a US expedition and it was eventually moved to Area 51, where it became the focus of intensive and highly classified research. The team of scientists who studied it were abnormally prone to mental breakdown after extended exposure, so it was eventually sealed in an airtight chamber far beneath the surface with only remote observation permitted. One day a scientist brought his young daughter to work with him and the girl was able to ‘hear’ the artifact’s telepathic contact.

What year was the artifact discovered?
When was it moved?
When did ‘first contact’ occur?
How did this contact affect the girl?
How old was she at the time?
How did the researcher discover the event?
How did the government officials react to the news?

Possible reactions to ‘first contact’ event
The girl was ‘taken into custody’ by military intelligence as a security threat.
She became a research study herself and the father was threatened into compliance/silence.
Her connection to the artifact evolved as she matured and the scientists studying her and the artifact used her to gain insight from it. This was the foundation of an ultra black project which fed information to other research institutions and was responsible for the development of space travel and many other leaps forward in technological development. Some highly questionable projects were spun off as their own ultra black operations based on the information gained from the artifact.
One of these black projects used her as breeding material for a eugenics program to develop telepathic Humans. This may be the foundation of the

The Artifacts

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