Stellar Horizons

Delivery Gone Awry
The right place at the wrong time

After months of laying low to dispel the heat from a previous mission, Captain Xavier Nguyen and Art Delacor along with two new crew members fount themselves hanging out in Sunny's Watering Hole. Sunny's was a cramped underground bar with barely adequate ventilation nestled snugly on the "uninhabited" planet of Kepler 442b V, in the trading station known by smugglers and pirates as Neverwhere. As they pondered their next move, they noticed a nervous-looking man watching the doorway as if he expected hell itself to come walking in to see him. When three unusual figures entered the bar, it became apparent they were the ones he was waiting for.

Art surreptitiously dropped eves on the table as the trio homed in on their prey, and discovered that the nervous man had failed to deliver some dangerous cargo to its ultimate destination, and the three newcomers were representatives of his customer looking for an explanation. While the man seemed unwilling or unable to provide details, it was clear that he was scared of something and refused to move the cargo any further. Taking the opportunity presented, Art smoothly inserted himself into the conversation and made contact with the potential client. Arranging a meet-up for later the team extracted themselves from the scene in preparation.

After meeting privately with the three strangers, one human soldier, a young girl mature beyond her years and a Sim (humanoid robot with simulated intelligence), the team had a new job. What seemed a simple, if dangerous task turned out to be anything but mundane. After a significant amount of digging, Art discovered the identities of their guests. Sana Bedford was the only daughter of one General Forrest Bedford, self-proclaimed leader of the Confederacy of Independent Worlds (of which only one world was a member) and military dictator of Dezaerate II, one of the frontier planets. The Sim was Sana's companion and the soldier one of his most trusted officers.

Surprising though their passengers might be, even more startling was the nature of their cargo. Stories abounded of the cursed planet Telemachus III, home of the nightmarish Amoks. Few came close to the truth, however, and some evidence existed that the obelisk carefully entombed within the lead-lined crate in their cargo bay was the source of the twisted monsters who used to be men. It was clear that General Bedford intended to use the obelisk in some way to attack the Alliance. Now that they understood the nature of their mission, they had to decide if it was better to deliver the deadly cargo into Bedford's hands or risk his wrath by diverting their delivery.

Prologue: The Galactic Civil War
Operation Broken Back

Adventure Setup

Four years ago, this war seemed like a good idea.  The Galactic Alliance was centralizing its power and increasingly coercing independent planets into joining.  Those independent planets that were strong enough, or stubborn enough, fought back.  The Independent Confederacy quickly recruited a vast army, their ranks swelled by independence-minded patriots, misfits from the Core Alliance Worlds, aliens and sentient androids who would be second-class citizens in the Alliance, and folks who just had a strong desire to be left alone.
It’s been a long four years.
The war is not going well for the Confederacy.  The Alliance has consolidated its hold on the core systems and has persuaded/conquered/coerced enough of the outlying planets that the Confederate forces are split up, no longer able to unite for a major offensive, all on the defensive now. A certain defeatism is beginning to spread through Confederate ranks.
But not everywhere! General Forrest Bedford rose from the enlisted ranks to general officer on the strength of his courage, cunning, and ferocity.  He hasn't given up hope. He is certain that a couple of strategic victories in the right places will expose Allied vulnerabilities while allowing a large enough Confederate force to reassemble in time to strike at those vulnerabilities. 
In order to accomplish this, General Bedford implements a daring gamble: an all-out assault on a critical but vulnerable link in the Alliance supply and communications chain for their fleet in the border regions. A successful strike will ease pressure on the Confederate Naval assets and give them space to regroup and reorder after recent losses. 
You are a commando strike force attached to a larger force assaulting the Alliance base. Your role is to sneak in behind enemy lines to disable or disrupt the enemy's defense coordination. To accomplish your mission, you’ll need a daring and quick-thinking commander, a hotshot pilot, an engineer with hacking and/or demolitions skills, a scout who can ghost past enemy sentries, and a heavy weapons expert who can provide enough covering fire to get you out alive if you’re discovered.

Every Man for Himself
Survival in the new frontier

Nobody said it was easy living in the new frontier, but when simple folk get caught between political and economic powerhouses, life can get downright tough! Hutchinson is a busy port on the edge of Alliance territory. Official and well-patrolled shipping lanes head coreward from the domed cities and extensive orbital stations, while small and medium-size independent contractors brave the more risky space between Hutchinson and new frontier planets like Crockett II and Boone III.

While there are no shortage of ships and Captains willing to brave the dangers of frontier space in exchange for the freedom and potential profits they desire, a good crew is harder to come by. So it was that Captain Gavin Summers found himself in need of a few good men and women to man his ship, the Lady Luck. He had a job and a surly first mate named Jace, but he lacked a decent pilot and mechanic. When he found a "fixer" named "Art", the other two came as part of the package.

The job seemed simple enough; deliver a load of luxury goods to the Magistrate on Newton. But the crew's suspicions were roused by the relatively light load they were carrying. Those suspicions were confirmed when they discovered that Captain Summers intended to make a "quick stop" on the way. Where they stopped was Kepler 442b V, which wasn't on any civilized trade route as there wasn't supposed to be any kind of settlement there. What they found was a makeshift smuggler's den and trading post. While scavenging for parts in a local junkyard, [Joel's character's name] met a slave named Hodges, who seemed to be as much of a mechanical wizard as he himself was. Hodges had the short, squat and burly build of a heavy worlder, as he had grown up on Kepler 442b V. He was also ugly and socially dysfunctional, as he had been a slave all of his life; a fact that [Joel's character] learned when he engaged the man in conversation.

The group's stay on Kepler 442b V was brief, and they were soon on their way to Newton with a full load of "luxury goods." "Art" talked Captain Summers into sharing details of the new cargo, which he figured out consisted of materials originally destined for the settlers of Newton and other frontier planets, but which had been stolen by pirates and was now marked for delivery to Newton's Magistrate.

Shortly before arriving at Newton, Lady Luck was intercepted by an Alliance destroyer named Dauntless and ordered to heave to and prepare to be boarded for inspection. The Alliance ship was on special anti-piracy assignment due to political pressure triggered by recent pirate activity in the area. "Art" spoke with the ship's Captain, Commander Kren. He identified himself as a CTC (Colonial Trading Consortium) representative and eventually convinced the Captain to forgo the search.

Arriving at Newton, they discovered a great deal of civil unrest as colonists suffered from lack of supplies (due to the pirate raiding). The crew were ordered to help unload the cargo onto anti-grav palettes hooked to a truck for transport to the Magistrate's palace. [Joel's character] rigged the palettes to topple shortly after the truck left the hanger area. This would happen at about the time that the shipment was part-way through the crowd of hungry colonists which had gathered around the port in anticipation of a shipment of supplies. Meanwhile, "Art" assessed the crowd and Magistrate's guards who were keeping the crowd back. He spoke the right words into exactly the right ears so that when the palettes dumped their cargo and the shipping containers broke open, the guards were kept busy while the crowd quickly captured and redistributed the goods to those who needed them.

This did not sit well with the Magistrate, of course. Captain Summers and "Art" traveled to the Magistrate's palace to get paid for the shipment (technically they had completed delivery to the Magistrate's men prior to the goods being "stolen"). Meanwhile, the rest of the crew retired to Newton's Rest, the local tavern and eatery. While First Mate Jace managed to start a fight with the locals and get all of them thrown in jail, "Art" thoroughly convinced both the Magistrate and Captain Summers that he was actually an official representative of the CTC, and that he was traveling incognito through the colony worlds to consider new trade deals which could be profitable for local authorities.

So in the end, the goods went back to the colonists who needed them, Captain Summers (and the PCs) got paid for the delivery even though Magistrate Collins didn't receive it, and the PCs helped settle Newton a little in the short term. Magistrate Collins also hired the crew to deliver a load of locally harvested raw materials to Hutchinson for sale to manufacturing interests.


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