"Art Delacon"

Who is this guy(?) ?



It’s hard to say what “Art” looks like, since most times he’s seen posing as one new character or another. Even when ‘relaxing’ on ship he can be seen changing apparent age from 22 to 62, and even genders a couple of times.


  • Mental: d8
  • Physical: d8
  • Social: d8


  • Influence: d10
  • Move: d6
  • Notice: d10
  • Operate (Security Systems): d6
  • Perform: d8
  • Sneak: d8
  • Survive: d6
  • Throw: d8
  • Trick: d12


Face for every occasion
All the details: When you assume an established alias step back your Mental Attribute while you are assuming the alias to create a Perfect Cover d6 Asset. You may spend PP to step it up at a cost of 1 PP per step, to a maximum of your Trick.
Perfectly Legitimate Forgeries: When the credentials of your fake identity are scrutinized or run through the Cortex, spend 1 Big Damn Hero Die to automatically raise the stakes.

Escape Artist
Hidden Talents: When you wish to conceal the true measure of your abilities, roll Social + Trick against an opponent’s Mental + Focus. If you succeed, step up or double your Move or Sneak against that opponent for the rest of the Episode. If you fail, step back Move or Sneak for the scene.
Unbound: When you try to escape fetters or a locked cell, spend 1 PP to step up or double Move for the Action.

Keen Eye for Trouble
Easy There: Spend 1 PP to step up Influence when you try to curtail a violent confrontation.
Good Kind of Trouble: When you convince someone to make hell for someone else, spend 1 PP to make them an Asset equal to your Trick.


“Art” served in the war as a member of the confederates and got a reputation as nothing but trouble on /both/ sides of the conflict. Today, he makes his living “smoothing the way” for “folks just tryin’ to get by”.

“Art’s” role in the war was that of the infiltrator and spy. After a record of going off-book and taking unnecessary risks for minor rewards, Command began assigning him the missions that had small chances of success but great potential rewards on the assumption that he would fail, but that a success would be a welcome boost to their efforts.

Previously hidden history:

Memento of a Past Life: Art carries an old coin, rubbed almost smooth on both sides. The coin is a reminder of his past and the things that made him become who he is today.

“Art” is actually the heir to a wealthy family from the core planets. When he was 13 the alliance’s “Patriotism” social pressure campaign was in full swing and any family that didn’t contribute money, influence, goods, and personnel to the cause was considered just short of traitorous. Furthermore, the more a family contributed the greater their voting power and social standing would grow.

It was under this environment that Art was raised and that his father and mother operated, with the ultimate contribution of the family finally being the enlistment of Art’s older sister Artemis in the Alliance’s elite Science and Advanced Research Division. As a SARDine (the somewhat-derogatory name for the research scientists allocated to the division, due to the cramped quarters and rumored pungent smell due to long hours) Artemis would contribute to the war effort on the cutting edge of technology research, but would be safe from actual frontline combat… except she wasn’t. A confederate terrorist cell would detonate a series of thermite-plasma bombs within two weeks of Artemis’ start. Nobody survived, and nothing was recoverable.

Art learned to hate the confederacy that day, but his parents took another stance – immediately ceasing their contributions to the war effort, stating that they had already paid the ultimate price for the war effort and that none could claim they were anything less than the ultimate patriots. It would be years later, after Art had been disowned by his parents, joined the Alliance’s Covert Operations and Discrete Activities (CODA) division, and been fast tracked an up and coming Alliance master spook that he would learn the truth.

While operating undercover in the confederate world of <fill>, Art picked up an encrypted intel report due to a routine scraper looking for his family name. Only, instead of a report on his own activities and successes (which is what the feed was configured for) it was an arrest and rendition order for his parents – who had been supplying the confederate forces with intel and arms for all the years since his sister’s death. The resultant chain of events would lead Art to discover a complex web of shell corporations, Alpha Protocol military operations, and illicit experimental programs that would prove the Alliance had not only known the confederacy intended to bomb the research facility, but specifically pointed them at the target, provided the explosives (through a shell agent) and facilitated the weakened protocols that allowed it to happen. The alliance intended the facility to be destroyed, and it couldn’t have happened without them. Strangest of all though, is an esoteric collection of evidence that Art discovered proving that all was not incinerated as claimed.

The coin Art carries is from that very blast – the supposed “thermite plasma” blast that would have melted any soft metal such as a coin to unrecognizable slag. He carries it with him everywhere as a reminder of his core principles, as a mental bastion to carry on his investigations, and as a condemnation of himself for his part in the past successes of the Alliance.

"Art Delacon"

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