Stellar Horizons

Welcome to the Jungle

Trip to Telemachus

Our valiant heroes visited Telemachus and discovered an isolated lush jungle valley among the otherwise cold dry steppe of the planet. According to their guide, the artifact was recovered from a stone temple found deep in the heart of the jungle. As soon as they entered the valley, Interface felt a presence calling to her from within its depths. The party encountered dangers they had expected: the climate, dangerous wild animals, stinging insects, and quicksand. But they also discovered that Amoks were present in the jungle, which the guide had told them was not true. Had the removal of the artifact allowed them entrance or drawn them here by its absence? Or was their guide simply lying?

The ruins in the middle of the jungle at first looked like Mayan pyramids. However, (Danielle's character), who knew something about archaeology, pronounced the ruins "fake." They weren't carved from stone, but formed from some sort of concrete. And the hieroglyphs carved on them didn't match anything from human history. The ruins were inhabited by Amoks, but of a different sort. They all dressed identically and acted in eerie unison. They claimed that their Goddess wanted to speak to Interface. 

And in fact there was an AI with impressive powers inhabiting the temple. It seemed like the temple was created by the reptile people to harness the power of the monolith, which it used to control the biosphere within the valley. When the artifact was removed from the temple, the valley began to return to normalized planetary conditions. This process would take many years to complete, but eventually the valley would look similar to the rest of the planet. The AI sensed Interface's connection to the artifact and pleaded with her and it through her to return the artifact to the planet so it could continue performing its function.

With new insight the party set out in The Lady Luck to bring word back to General Bedford and Sana of their discovery.


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