Stellar Horizons

Meeting the General

Arriving on Dezerate with the mysterious artifact, the party is greeted personally by General Bedford and a handful of others, including his chief of security, Garland Truitt, two bodyguards, and Minister of Public Relations, Dane Kwan. Truitt is clearly not pleased by Kwan's presence, but Bedford is focused exclusively on the successful delivery of the artifact and safety of his daughter. While he admonishes her for sneaking off, he privately admires her bravery and determination. He is more displeased with his Covert Operations Commander for allowing her to sneak past him.

Bedford was pleased at the success of the mission and, therefore, the party's service. Being in a good mood, he was inclined to be indulgent and generous. Once satisfied with the disposition of the cargo, he received them as honored guests, provided accommodations and invited them to a celebratory dinner that evening. The artifact was secured deep underground in a lead-lined vault designed specifically for the purpose. His team of specialists were ready to analyze and monitor it. 

During dinner that evening, General Bedford offered the party another job. While Sana was away on her mission, he received intelligence of particular interest. A man on Crockett was heard boasting that he'd found a hidden archive on Telemachus IV. He claimed that he was driven off planet before he could properly investigate the place, but did recover a peculiar device which seems to store and project holographic messages. The man offered to sell it to the right buyer for a significant amount of money, but had not found one yet as of the time word arrived. Bedford wanted the party to visit Crockett, talk to the man and determine the validity of his story. If it seemed plausible, they were authorized to purchase the device along with any information he could give them on the location where it was found.

After accepting the job, the party took a few days to repair and restock the Lady Luck. During this time, Garland Truitt arranged for the PCs to have an unfortunate incident with some local hired thugs. Dane Kwan learned of this and warned them just in time. They easily defeated the attack, with Athena single-handedly whipping most of the thugs with ease. While this distraction took place, more competent agents snuck onboard The Lady Luck and attempted to sabotage the ship. Luckily (Danielle's character) remained aboard working on repairs and was able to detect and repel the crew before any real damage was inflicted.

In time the party flew to Crockett and tracked down the junker with the interesting bauble. After some heavy drinking and convincing, the man let Interface handle the object, which turned out to be an alien recording device. While she was able to access more recordings than the treasure-hunter had, she was stymied by the language used by the previously unknown alien in the recording. When she tapped into her connection to the alien artifact, however, she was quickly flooded with the information she needed and proceeded to translate in real-time as the alien recounted the gradual destruction of his entire species by the uncontrollable actions of the alien artifact.

Still in need of useful information, the party headed for Telemachus…


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